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So what's inside?

Cilantro is an herb from the fresh leaves of the coriander plant and adds seasoning, texture, and color to the salsa.

Cilantro Leaves

Fresh cilantro is finely chopped

Onion is chopped fresh and added to the salsa for some important flavor and acid.


Fresh white onions are diced

Habaneros provide the heat element that makes this flavor Sinfully hot!

habanero pepper icon

Habanero Peppers

Available in Sinfully Only

Roma tomatoes are chopped small and release lots of fresh flavor and is the base of the salsa.

Roma Tomato

Fresh tomatoes are chopped small

Naturally derived citric acid is a natural preservative and ads some bright fresh flavor.

Natural Citric Acid

Natural preservative gives extra life

Jalapeños add heat and authentic flavor to the salsa without relying on additives and excessive seasoning for taste.


Available in Mildy and Sinfully

We use iodine-free Kosher Salt to infuse and preserve as much flavor as possible.

Kosher Salt

Nobody wants bland salsa!

Love & Flavor

Totally Fresh, Nothing Crazy, Just Delicious!

Your body will thank you!

 Just fresh, delicious stuff!