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Purely Fresh Plucked Salsa with Fresh Vegetables

Totally fresh
Nothing crazy
Just delicious!


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Plucked Fresh Salsa Kitchen and Production Facility

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Totally fresh, nothing crazy, just delicious!

Plucked Fresh Salsa is handmade in small batches at our kitchen in Portland, Maine.

 We use only the freshest, all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for healthy, delicious and all-natural foods!

Meet our featured plucked fresh salsa

A flavor to match your love of heat!

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Plucked Fresh Salsa is available at your favorite supermarket, health food store, local market, restaurant, bar, event venue, or catering company.

Plucked is currently distributed in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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Salsa is a social food!
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"Nom Worthy"

Best salsa I have ever tasted!
Incredibly fresh.
Ann Carrigan
Verified Google Review
My salsa savior.
You guys rule!
So fresh, so flavorful, and simply delicious.
Corinne Carvelli
Verified Google Review
This is fantastic salsa!
It's perfect for chips but also is also an amazing base for cooking!
Robert LeBlanc
Verified Google Review
The best I've ever had!
I just ate the whole container with chips, near the end I was just spooning it out and eating it without chips! 😍
Diana Lucas
Verified Facebook Recommendation
Their Purely Salsa is a fantastic starter for a gazpacho or bloody Mary base, Sinfully is amazing for queso, Mildly is the perfect dipping salsa or to add to guacamole.
Robert LeBlanc
Verified Google Review
Wow, this is my new favorite salsa! Bonus it’s made here in Maine! Fresh, without all the garbage, and just purely and perfectly delicious! Nom worthy!
Michele Gouveia Allen
Verified Facebook Recommendation

Plucked Recipes

Amazing for dipping!
Perfect for your recipes.

Submit your favorite recipe using Plucked Fresh Salsa as an ingredient for a chance to be featured!

Our Story

This was not the plan.

Plucked was founded with a goal of making fresh, healthy and delicious salsa with nothing extra added. 

We’re in more stores now but our mission is still the same! Deliver fresh, healthy salsa with bold flavor.

Read the story about how Plucked Salsa got started.